5 Reasons to Enter the AQHYA Amplify Video Contest

Enter the AQHYA Amplify Video Contest for a chance to win $500 with a simple, 1-2 minute video.

Anyone that has an American Quarter Horse can easily tell you what their four-legged friend means to them. When you’re so passionate about something, that story is easy to tell! If you are passionate about your American Quarter Horse and have a camera, you have the chance to win some money for you and your AQHA affiliate or 4-H club, thanks to B&W Hitches. Here are 5 reasons why you should enter our AQHYA Amplify Video Contest.

  1. It’s easy money. We could all use money to put towards our future, so this is a no brainer. How awesome would it be to put in 1-2 minutes of work and make $500?

  2. Extra money for your club. If you are the grand prize winner of this contest, not only will you win money for yourself, but you will win $500 for your AQHA affiliate or 4-H club. Giving back is so important, and this would be an awesome start.

  3. You could be featured on AQHA’s social media. Social media is a key part to making connections and even making friends now-a-days. Why not get a head start and get your face and name out there?

  4. You could be featured at the Ford Youth World. As an AQHYA member, there are not many events bigger than the Ford Youth World. How cool would it be to have your video shown on the big screen at the Ford Youth World?

  5. You can be a spokesperson for the greatest horse in the world. You are an AQHYA member for a reason, probably because you are crazy about American Quarter Horses just like we are. So, since you have a platform, why not use it? We get to own, show, and love the greatest breed of horse in the world so why not brag about it?

So what are you waiting for? Tell us what your American Quarter Horse means to you and earn a chance at $500. The entry deadline is June 1, so don’t wait.

Enter the contest today!