Political Action Committee

AQHPAC's efforts to educate members of Congress on the size and scope of the American Quarter Horse industry are crucial to achieving our legislative goals.

Since 2005, the American Quarter Horse Association Political Action Committee has supported AQHA’s public policy efforts in Washington, D.C. AQHA believes horsemen and horsewomen benefit from having a voice at the federal level on issues that affect their horses as well as the lifestyle they enjoy.

AQHPAC raises personal voluntary contributions from AQHA members and pools those contributions together to support political candidates at the federal level who support the horse industry. Our PAC gives horse owners the visibility our industry needs so that our voice is heard on Capitol Hill. Contributions from our individual members enable AQHA to participate as a serious player in the competitive political environment of Washington, D.C. AQHPAC helps to elect and keep horse-friendly congressmen and women and senators in Washington, so that when an issue arises affecting our members, we know there will be someone willing to meet with us. 

AQHAPAC, combined with strong grassroots efforts of AQHA members and other horse owners at the state level through the Q-Contacts program, helps spread the message that horse activities are one of the most robust industries in the United States, one with a direct economic impact of $39 billion annually.

Having the ability to successfully fight for the rights of America’s horse-owning public is critical. Our issues are as diverse as the people who own horses. Favorable tax legislation, disaster relief for horse owners, land-use issues, veterinary care and medication topics, interstate race wagering and simulcasting and proactive animal welfare are just some of the areas in which AQHPAC helps make a difference.


AQHPAC has set a goal of raising $250,000 by the 2020 elections. If every United States AQHA member does his or her share by making a voluntary contribution, we will not only reach our goal, we will exceed it – and our voice will be louder than ever at this most critical time.

AQHPAC Priorities

AQHPAC contributions are overseen by the PAC’s trustees. Before supporting a candidate with AQHPAC funds, the trustees review the candidate’s record of support, bill sponsorships, key votes, financial needs and committee assignments. AQHPAC doesn’t support candidates based on political affiliation, but on their support of the horse industry. A candidate’s positions on issues unrelated to the horse industry are not considered when evaluating support. Recently, contributions have been directed to members on both sides of the aisle who sit on the House Agriculture; Appropriations; and Energy and Commerce Committees; and the Senate Agriculture; Appropriations; Commerce, Science and Transportation; and Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committees.


As a small token of thanks, all donors will receive an AQHPAC lapel pin to show their support of having a strong voice in Washington, D.C.

The Steel Dust Society represents the top level of donors to AQHPAC. As a member of the Steel Dust Society, you will be joining an elite group of members dedicated to protecting and preserving the rights of American Quarter Horse owners. Membership to the Steel Dust Society requires a minimum donation of $1,000. Members will receive a custom lapel pin and a customized leather portfolio designating their level of giving.

Contribution Guidelines

Contributions to AQHPAC are strictly voluntary; suggested contribution amounts are merely a suggestion, and you should feel free to contribute more or less, or not at all. Contributions to the AQHPAC are not deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes and they will be used to support or oppose candidates for public office. AQHPAC may receive up to $5,000 per calendar year from any one eligible contributor. A husband and a wife each have separate $5,000 limits, even if only one spouse has an income. A couple may make a joint contribution using a single form of payment (check or credit card), however in such a case each donor must sign the accompanying form.  Contributions from corporations, federal government contractors and foreign nationals are prohibited.

Certain permitted LLC contributions to AQHPAC are accepted. Please contact the AQHA Public Policy department for more information at 806-376-4811 or through our online contact form.

Show Your Support

To make a contribution to AQHPAC -- in any amount up to $5,000 -- call AQHA at (806) 376-4811, or mail your contribution to AQHPAC, P.O. Box 200, Amarillo, TX, 79168.